About Us

NAME: The Name of the body is Little Athletics Australia Limited

LEGAL STATUS: Little Athletics Australia is a company limited by guarantee acting in accordance with its Constitution.

LOCATION: LAA is located at: Ground Floor, Athletics House, 31 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, Victoria, 3206.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The purposes for which LAA is established are:

  • To represent the affiliated Associations in expressing policy in matters pertaining to Little Athletics at national level.
  • To encourage the development of children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family and community involvement in athletic activities.
  • To unify the purpose and activity of the affiliated Associations by providing:
    • Not espouse the cause of any political or religious belief.
  • To institute and regulate national athletic competitions with rules as determined by the LAA and with the conduct of such competitions being delegated, at the option of the LAA, to any affiliated Association.
  • To abide by the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for the conduct of events where no specific LAA rule or determination exists.

POWERS: The powers of LAA and the Executive are established by the Constitution.

VALUES: The philosophy of the LAA is best captured by the words “Family, Fun and Fitness”. As part of this philosophy we encourage athletes and volunteers to embrace “BE YOUR BEST”.

        FAMILY – The cornerstone of Little Athletics is family involvement in activity programs. Parents are encouraged to participate in all activities from Centre to National level.
        FUN – With the focus on participation and personal improvement, Little Athletics encourages children to enjoy sporting activities, develop motor skills, enjoy social interaction in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.
        FITNESS – The emphasis on developing a healthy attitude to physical fitness at an early age is the key to adopting good habits for life.

  • To stand children in good stead throughout their life, Little Athletics contributes to the development of the fundamental skills in running, throwing and jumping by personal improvement and participation and, at the same time, emphasises family values and enjoyment.

MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the LAA consists of:
Affiliated Members, being:
• Australian Capital Territory Little Athletics Association Inc.
• Little Athletics Association of New South Wales Inc.
• Tasmanian Little Athletics Association Inc.
• Queensland Little Athletics Association Inc.
• South Australian Little Athletics Association Inc.
• Victorian Little Athletics Association Inc.
• West Australian Little Athletics Inc.

  • Athletics Northern Territory

Competitive members, being:
• Registered athletes of affiliated Associations.
Volunteers, being:
• Affiliated Association volunteers numbering in excess of 150,000.
Life Members of LAA;
and Directors of LAA.


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