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Nationally, Little Athletics is organised by Little Athletics Australia (LAA). The policy making body of LAA is the Board of Directors which comprises of eight Board Directors.

Member Associations

The control and direction of the Little Athletics at State level is directed by the State Board of Directors.

The members of the State Board of Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by votes from affiliated Centres.

The Board of Directors is made up of a variety of roles, including such things as: the running of all State Championships and Association conducted events, obtaining sponsorship and/or Government assistance, provision of publications/information, education of Coaches and Officials, guidance and support for all Centres and their Executive, conducting meetings and conferences, provision of paperwork etc.


The Centre is the body that organises and conducts the weekly competitions for all athletes. Each Centre has an elected Committee of Management that is responsible for the administration and conduct of the Centre’s affairs. Centres design their own program and timetable each week, co-ordinate the activities of voluntary workers, register members with the State Association, ensure all details of equipment, recording. finance, promotions etc are arranged, conduct regular meetings etc.


The Club is the smallest administrative unit in the Little Athletics movement. Each Club forms a part of and is tied to a particular Centre.

The Little Athletics Club normally has a small management committee selected from parents within the Club and their main function is to perform simple administrative tasks. Clubs organise training sessions for their athletes, and keep them informed of any nomination forms or events that are being held.