Tips for Keeping Active – Athletics at Home

Little Athletics may have been postponed but you can keep active with AthsAtHome.

While it is important to practice social distancing during this time of uncertainty, it has never been more important to be active, connect with each other and keep your skills sharp!

Whether it’s in your own back yard, in a quiet field or in a safe place at home, we want you to join our #AthsAtHome.

Every week we will be providing you with some new active challenges and workouts for you to master.

We would also love for you to share your workouts by posting your video’s and photos on social media and tagging #AthsAtHome

Get your family and friends involved!

Despite the tough times we are experiencing, Coles Little Athletics Australia is committed to making sure the health and safety of our sport stays strong during an unprecedented period in our lives.

We may not be able to compete and train as usual – but we can still learn new skills, keep active and engage with each other and keep our community spirit alive.

The first #AthsAtHome workout
Pack of Cards Workout

The second #AthsAtHome workout
300 Rep Circuit

This involves doing 10 exercises 30 times each.  You then repeat this circuit up to 6 times with a resting recovery of 3 minutes between circuits.  See how you go.  Maybe start with 2-3 circuits and build your way up to 6.

Exercises include:

1.Step ups on step or stable chair – alternate leg you step onto the chair with (and please make sure it is a stable chair)

2. Shoulder press with medicine ball or brick or piece of wood (or if you have a weight – a round weight) (or maybe even a pack of toilet paper, if you are lucky to have some)

3. Alternate split jumps – Start in a split position and push up to jump and change legs

4. Sit ups – ins and outs (lying on back bring legs and upper body together and then back out again)

5. Mountain climbers (foot outside of hand / foot then goes back and other foot goes to other hand on other side – continuous movement)

6. Triceps (dips) push ups on chair

7. Skipping (1 min) continuous

8. Upright rowing with weight used for shoulder press – start with bricks or whatever you are using close together and lift elbows out and up to lift the weight up under the chin.

9. Lunges – walking forward for 10 then turn and come back 2 more times

10. Lying on back – Upper body off ground with hands behind head, alternate knees to chest BUT, keeping feet of the ground and legs being bent to straighten.

As indicated – with each exercise you do 30 of them and then move onto the next until you finish the 10 exercises.  You might like to time how long it takes you to do the circuit also to ensure that you are being consistent with the following circuits.

Please make sure before you do these circuits that you do some form of a warm up.  The warm up can include some gentle jogging on the spot or skipping or bike riding followed by some stretching to ensure the muscles are not stiff and there is less risk of injury.  It is not only getting your muscles ready for a work out, the warm up prepares the mind so that you can focus on what you are doing.

Workout developed by Glynis Nunn with exercises demonstrated by Tanielle Crase

The third #AthsAtHome workout
Foam Roller Circuit

The fourth #AthsAtHome workout

Click here to see full workout and instructions

The fifth #AthsAtHome workout

Click here to see full workout instructions

Pass the Baton

Workout at home with Sally Pearson

Sport Australia – How can you Find Your 30!

We want every Australian adult to commit to at least 30 minutes of activity each day.

Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day. This is backed up by advice from the Heart Foundation, Betterhealth, the Australian Medical Association and more.

Find Your 30 is all about finding practical ways in which anyone can work half an hour of activity into their day. There are simple solutions, like going for a walk, going up and down the stairs, and getting the whole family active together.

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