National U15 Camp

The Board of Little Athletics Australia are monitoring the evolving situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). At this stage the National U15 Camp has been postponed and will not be held on the 4th – 7th October. LAA are looking at potential alternate dates at the end of 2020/early 2021. 


The live-in camp is designed to provide elite coaching and active participation in athletics. Situated at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra, we are able to take full advantage of these world class facilities. With coaching sessions planned each day, you will be able to enhance your performance in your event and improve your general fitness. Workshops will be held on various topics such as strength & conditioning and stretching; there will also be guest appearances by senior elite athletes.

Vacancies: Approx. 120 elite athletes will be invited to attend the National Camp.

Supervision: Camp Coordinators (Coles Little Athletics Australia Employees) and Athlete Managers. All Athlete Managers have a Working with Children Check (or State equivalent) and are minimum Level 2 coach accredited.

Accommodation: Single and double rooms with shared bathrooms in the AIS Halls of Residence. Males and females will be accommodated in separate blocks within the Residences.

This is a great opportunity for athletes to be coached by some of Australia’s best coaches, and to receive expert training and education in a range of areas, both physical and theoretical.

Changes to Able Bodied Athletes -Selection process (NEW)

Due the cancellation of a number of Member Association State Track and Field Championships (and in some cases Multi Championships as well), LAA has had to re-examine and change the selection process for the 2020 Coles LAA U15 National Camp.

NEW selection criteria:

1. LAA have established ‘Qualifying Standards’ based on the average for last three years of the camp and these will form the standards that athletes will need meet to be nominated by a State and considered for an invite to the 2020 camp.

2. States will nominate athletes to LAA based on the qualifying standards from each state regional events that were conducted prior to the cancellation of their State Championships. If a MA was able to hold their State Championships then these results need to be provided to LAA.

3. If a regional event wasn’t able to be conducted or aren’t conducted normally within the state or an athlete was unable to compete at a regional event then the MA has the ability to nominate them with certain criteria to be presented to LAA for consideration:

          • Athlete name
          • DOB
          • Event
          • Results-where/when
          • History in the sport at State level

4. Combined Event Athletes – where a State was able to conduct their Combined Events Championships, the normal selection of these athletes will remain. I.e. the winning athlete will receive the initial invite to the 2020 Camp. If they decline this offer or are given an opportunity to select an individual event and do so, then the second placed athlete will be invited and so on.

5. Where a State was unable to conduct their State Combined Events Championships then the State Association will nominate an athlete to be invited. This amounts to one male and one female Combined Events athlete as per previous years.

6. LAA still has the final decision in who is invited to the 2020 National Camp.

Invitational process:

As per previous years LAA will provide each MA with a list of invited athletes. The MA will need to contact the athletes and provide all of the LAA camp information including the names and event/s they have been allocated.

In previous years there have been a number of rounds based on athlete acceptances or not and this will also be the case in 2020 if required.

Athletes with a Disability (Multi Class athletes) Camp Selection criteria:

LAA will consider all nominations for the camp from the Under 13 to under 15 age groups inclusive. LAA encourages applications to be made, even if there is some uncertainty about meeting the criteria.  Click here to complete the nomination form which needs to forwarded back to LAA through their Member Association.

  1. Athletes need to be registered Little Athlete for season 2020-2021
  2. Athletes need to be EITHER formerly classified by a recognised organisation, prior to being considered for the camp, OR in the process of seeking a classification to the satisfaction of LAA.

All multi-class athletes must have received or be in the process of achieving at minimum, a provisional classification PRIOR to the event.

Classification is a recognised way of grouping athletes of similar function or ability for the purpose of competition. Classification exists to try and create a “fair” competition amongst athletes with different disabilities.

The following disabilities can currently be classified for athletics and therefore be eligible to compete in the multi-class events and be eligible for the camp:

  • T/F 01 – Hearing Impairment
  • T/F 11-13 – Visual Impairment
  • T/F 20 – Intellectual Impairment
  • T31-54 & 61-64; F31-57 & 61-64 – Physical Impairment
  • T/F 60 – Transplant Athletes

See the  for more information about classification requirements.

There are times when this process can seem daunting or cumbersome. If the athlete requires support, or there is some difficulty in the process, LAA will consider firstly, providing support for that athlete to gain classification, and secondly, waiving the requirement, upon provision of information to the satisfaction of LAA that a classification would be likely.

  1. Athlete will have ideally competed at their Regional or State Championships in the year prior;

This will be subject to exemption in the case of injury, exceptional circumstances that meant they weren’t able to compete, not having joined little Athletics before (20/21 being their inaugural year), or the events in which the athlete is considered to have potential were not offered at Regional or State Championships.

In this case, State and territory bodies are encouraged to identify athletes with disability who may have potential in ANY of the events offered at Little Athletics and accept results for Schools regional or State competitions for the purposes of identifying potential. State and territory bodies are encouraged to use the School Qualifying standards for their relevant State or territory as a guide, or to refer the results to LAA for consideration. If in doubt, LAA encourages the athlete to be nominated.

  1. Each application should include a short (no more than 100 words) statement from the child or their parents setting out their journey in athletics so far, including any barriers they have faced, and their goals and aspirations for the future. 

Multi Class Athlete Nomination Form

Each applicant or nomination needs to be endorsed through the State Association prior to being forwarded to Cole Little Athletics Australia.

LAA will have the final say on who is invited to the camp.

Please Note:
  • There is a cost to the athlete that will be outlined once an invite has been forwarded to the successful nomination.
  • Each confirmed athlete will be accompanied by their main carer (if required) and this person will be funded by LAA.

For more information on the National Camp or to learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process, please the Coles Little Athletics Australia office at or 03 9682 1511.