Officiating Levels


The Introductory Officiating General Principles on-line course has been developed to assist Officials in learning the basic skills they will need to officiate effectively.

This is not compulsory for Athletics Officials but is strongly recommended.

The course contains three modules, which cover a range of general officiating topics, including ethical responsibilities of Officials, preparation for officiating, safety, communication, dealing with conflict and people management.

Click here to access the online course


Level 1 is the entry level (first athletics specifics level) of the new Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme.


You do not need to be a registered member of a club or State Association, just simply sign up and start learning.

Some State Associations will offer entry level seminars to teach the basics of athletics officiating in a face to face environment. These are encouraged, but not compulsory.


First you must enrol. This only needs to be done once. Candidates who have already completed the Introduction to Officiating (or any other Australian Sports Commission Course)  can use that login information to access the AAOES courses. Click here to enrol

You will be asked to submit your contact information and some details about yourself. You will be then sent an email to your nominated email account. Open that email and click on the link to start learning!

Level 1-What is It?

Candidates must complete online learning and pass a multiple-choice quiz. The learning and quiz will focus on ensuring the candidate has a basic understanding of the rules of the discipline they are attempting.

AAOES Level 1 is made up of 12 separate courses:

·                Track

·                Starting

·                Long Jump

·                High Jump

·                Pole Vault

·                Triple Jump

·                Hammer Throw

·                Javelin

·                Discus

·                Shot Put

·                Walks

·                Out of Stadia

Within each course, there are four (4) modules, each with their own content and quiz attached:

·                Rules

·                Officials & Communication

·                Equipment

·                Risk Management

Candidates can attempt as many of the courses as they like. Once you have completed all four modules and the competency quiz, you have finished the course and will be able to download your Certificate of Completion.

Each course should take around 45-90 minutes depending on your prior knowledge of the event and/or athletics. All questions in the quiz are multiple choice.


Level 2 is the next stage of the AAOES. It is targeted at Officials wishing to be appointed as a Chief or Referee at State level and a Chief at National level.

What is it?

In Level 2, candidates will be required to complete practical requirements, attend seminars, complete online learning components and complete an exam. Rather than just testing the rules, candidates will be required to apply the rules and interpret certain situations.

The following courses are offered at Level 2:

  • Track
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Out of Stadia
  • Walks
  • Administration
  • Technical

 Pre- Requisites

Before attempting Level 2, Officials must have successfully completed learning at Level 1. This is outlined in the following table;

Level 2 Course  

Pre- Requisite                                                     


Track Level 1 Track & Starting
Jumps Any 3 of: Level 1 Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault
Throws Any 3 of: Level 1 Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer Throw
Walks Level 1 Walks
Out of Stadia Level 1 Out of Stadia
Administration No Level 1 Learning, just practical and seminars
Technical No Level 1 Learning, just practical and seminars

Components Of Level 2

1. Practical

As part of the Level 2 accreditation, Officials will be required to complete 15 days of practical at approved athletics meets (Due to the limited availability of events; only 10 practical days are required for Race Walking). The Practical Card will need to be completed and signed off by a current Level 2 or Level 3 Official. Officials MUST ask the Official they wish to sign their card to review them during the competition. If this requirement is not fulfilled the card cannot be signed. You can find the Level 2 Practical Proficiency Record card here.

 2. Seminars

As part of the Level 2 accreditation, candidates will be required to attend at least one approved seminar in the discipline. This will need to be signed off on the practical card.


As part of the level 2 accreditation, candidates will need to complete certain eLearning. This will include more in depth learning on the rules, as well as key components of Para athletics officiating.

 4. Exam

Once the above practical, seminars, eLearning have been completed, Officials must successfully complete an online exam that will include multiple choice and short answer questions. The pass mark will be 75%.

Note- further information is provided once officials sign up for the Level 2 Course on the eLearning system.


Level 3 is the highest accreditation offered in Australia. This will include seminars, practical components and a written exam.

These courses are available in the following disciplines;

  • Track
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Walks
  • Out Of Stadia
  • Technical
  • Competition Management

As Level 3 is still being developed, candidates can complete the current Level A exam from the old scheme of Coles Little Athletics and Athletics Australia.

For more information on Athletics Australia policy on Level 3 please click here.

To access the Level 3 practical card please click here.

LEVEL 4 & 5

Level 4 & 5 are qualification delivered at the International Level. In most cases, achieving these levels will mean continued demonstration of high level of officiating within Australia, and being invited to attend.

Level 4 (TOECS LEVEL 2)

Level 4 is the IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme (TOECS Level 2). This course is delivered by the Oceania Regional Development Centre. It involves theoretical learning as well as practical components. These courses are delivered once every two years.

Upon successful completion of this qualification, candidates are eligible to be appointed as an Area Technical Official (ATO).

Level 5 (TOECS Level 3)

Level 5 is the IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme (TOECS Level 3). This course is delivered by the IAAF. It involves theoretical learning as well as practical components. These courses are delivered once every four years, with all candidates by invitation (from the IAAF).

Upon successful completion of this qualification, candidates are eligible to be appointed as a International Technical Official (ITO).